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Sailing areas

Sailing areas: Baltic sea, the German Baltic coast, Denmark, Sweden, North sea, Holland, Great Britain

The Baltic

The Baltic Sea coast offers countless of opportunities for an interesting vacation. Impressively steep coasts are interspersed with beautiful beaches, countless bays, picturesque villages and beautiful towns from the Hanse period. The countryside is perfectly suited for hikes or cycling trips. There are plenty of routes to choose from for your away weekend or sailing vacation. You can sail out until the coastline disappears behind the horizon or you can navigate through the small passages between the isles. Explore the picturesque German and Danish isles or the amazing Swedish Archipelago.

The North sea

The North Sea is a variable sailing area where the biggest challenge comes from the tide. Ebb and flow determine the itinerary! Some North Sea harbours can only be reached at high water. The view and profile of the coastline changes with the tide. You can sail the Avatar to Helgoland or along the Elbe right to the heart of Hamburg, past the German and Dutch Wadden Islands, along the east coast of England or via the Thames to London.